Buy Now Powerpoint Templates or Keynote Templates are your best friend
Powerpoint Templates or Keynote Templates are your best friend

Powerpoint Templates or Keynote Templates are your best friend

Walt Disney and Steve Jobs had one common trait.

Apart from delivering us greatest products on earth, that one thing which united them was the skill of storytelling.

“Humans think in stories, and we try to make sense of the world by telling stories”. ~ Yuval Noah Harari, Sapiens.

In today’s world, storytelling is becoming a key skill for the job market. Employers across industries recognize that knowing how to create relatable narratives can sell anything from books, movie tickets, gadgets, experiences and even career paths to university students.

Stories are also used to pass on traditions, belief systems and lessons from our own unique cultural history.

Whether you are Product guy, business manager, a marketing folk, people need to believe in your vision. And that is possible if you explain your vision in form of a great story.

Presentation Projector
Presentation Projector

In my decade worth of work experience, I have attended hundreds of slide templates, powerpoint themes, pitch decks, and a variety of presentations. There are only few powerpoint presentations which have stayed with me. And it surprises me, that despite the advent of latest technologies, we still stick to crude forms of presentations.

A good compelling presentation involves usage of visual elements like text, graphics, range of designs and data which merges with them. Be it Microsoft powerpoint, or a keynote, a good template design can take your vanilla deck to a professional presentations.

Not only you will impress your audience, your vision will have a high quality impact and help you in long runs.

Creating such presentations are time consuming. However, an efficient template can help you achieve all the above, in a short span of time. It is one of the greatest hacks which ever business leader must have.

The internet is filled with free presentation templates, but hardly any of them are professionals designed, fully editable or they are easy to edit at all.

I have created a list of professionals designed multi purpose templates, which can be used in various facets of career. You can download it for free from my Gumroad account. Bonus - it has all 3 formats - Keynote, google slides and free powerpoint templates.

What does VisualStoryCo Template contain -

An awesome clutter free, minimal Presentation Templates, in form of words and visuals.

They have 2 formats -

  1. Keynote
  2. PowerPoint

Both templates have a collection of slids which help you gather your ideas and present in a story format.

They are editable, and filled with vectors which can be used across various subjects.

Pro Tip:

  1. Writing is a skill which improves in form of compounding. It forms an integral part of making presentations.
  2. Try and avoid long sentences. Your audience is more used to reading social media snippets rather than book. They have got used to reading short form of content. Keep that in mind.
  3. Revise your deck multiple times. Every time try reducing the size of the presentation by 10%.
  4. Try and use infographics. Visual representation of data leave a 10X impact on the audience.
  5. Keep it small and respect the time of the audience. They will return the favour by giving their maximum attention to you.
  6. Always end the presentation with a key takeaway. This applies to all the slides of the deck.